Payment Policy

This payment policy applies to all transactions arising between the customer and GMAJOR

1. Payment Methods

a. We accept PayPal as the primary method of payment for online transactions.

b. Customers can also pay via credit card through the PayPal payment gateway without needing a PayPal account.

2. Payment Security

a. PayPal is one of the safest and most trusted means of payment on the internet. All transactions through PayPal are encrypted to ensure the security of customers' personal information.

b. We do not store or disclose any payment account information of customers to third parties.

3. Payment Confirmation:

a. Upon successful payment, customers will receive an email confirmation of their order along with payment details from PayPal.

b. Any payment-related information will also be displayed in the customer's PayPal account (if applicable).

4. Additional fees and Additional Charges

a. GMAJOR not have any additional fees applied to you when using PayPal to pay for your orders.

b. However, processing fees from PayPal or your bank may apply.

5. Order Cancellation and Refunds

a. We do not have any refund policy. If you cancel your current package, your automatic renewal will be canceled but you can still use the service until the expiration date.

6. Upgrade and downgrade

a. Scenario one: Upgrade: If you are on a 6-month standard subscription. You have only used this subscription package for 2 months, and you want to upgrade from the standard package to the premium package: You will be able to use the new package immediately, but will only pay for the remaining unused days of the old package.

b. Scenario two: Downgrade: If you are on a 6-month premium subscription. You have only been using this subscription package for 2 months and you want to downgrade from the premium package to the standard package: You will have to wait for the old subscription package to expire before being able to use the new package. We will not refund if you want to downgrade to a lower package.

7. Auto renewal

a. Paypal will automatically deduct money each payment cycle. Before paypal deducts your money, we will send you a 2-month notification email. If you click on the cancel link in the email, you will cancel the auto-renewal and your paid plan will be canceled after 2 months. If you want to continue, just skip this email.

8. Contact

a. If you have any problems, please send us feedback at: Contact us page.

9. Agreement and Consent

a. We reserve the right to update and modify our payment policy and PayPal integration procedures as necessary to reflect changes in our business operations or regulatory requirements.