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Why is GMAJOR Chosen?

GMAJOR offers global business opportunities with FREE of charge.
  • In the growing demand for remote work, GMAJOR has developed an online matching program that facilitates effective and efficient business matching and negotiations in the global space, supporting customers in their global expansion and partner development.
  • The GMAJOR system attracts user registrations from customers around the world.
  • The platform allows unlimited listings of products and services, with a wide range of categories available for registration.
GMAJOR boasts advanced technology for the Internet 4.0 era.
  • The automatic matching feature and search filter by multiple criteria proactively notify users when matching profiles are found.
  • With its multilingual chat feature, the platform allows easy contact with potential customers. Buyers can directly contact sellers to gather more information when a suitable profile is found.
  • The bulk proposal feature enables users to send multiple proposals at once, enhancing work efficiency and saving time.
  • The request for quotation feature allows users to easily collect quotes from multiple sellers (suppliers), optimizing the selection and negotiation process.

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The platform that opens your door to a world without language barriers

GMAJOR is the Global online B2B matching service. By using the cutting-edge AI technology, we create a business world without language barriers. And thus, the economic opportunities are equally accessible to all, irrespective of linguistic or geographical constraints.

Free service that we provide

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  • Unlimited Listing & Posting

    Unlimited Listing & Posting

  • Multilingual Chat Feature

    Multilingual Chat Feature

  • Search & Filter Functions

    Search & Filter Functions

  • Quotation Request Service

    Quotation Request Service

  • No Matching / Transaction Fees

    No Matching / Transaction Fees


Accelerate your business with GMAJOR​

Your trusted & affordable B2B matching platform

  • Get your items seen instantly Sell your items faster by sending bulk proposals to the potential buyers and by posting them on GMAJOR’s marketplace.
  • Confidently chat with your global partners Simply type in your message in your native language and press Enter, GMAJOR then will automatically translate every message between you and partners.
  • Directly buy from others and directly sell your items Save your time, money and resources when finding a new business partners. GMAJOR allows you to directly reach out to your partners and make the meaningful business connection. More connections equals to more opportunities.
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